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  • Forest work stump cutter
  • For excavators from 4 to 7,5 tons

Compatible Brands


The SCL/HY is a new compact stump cutter for removing individual stumps in forests, parks, roadside and on river banks. Its smaller size makes it very easy to maneuver and suitable for small and midsize excavators (4 to 7.5 t). The piston engine (with manually controlled variable displacement) makes it easy to use on different excavators with different oil flow rates.
SCL/HY has a disc stump cutter with type L fixed teeth, making it possible to cut stumps solely through the lateral movement of the head rather than through difficult maneuvering of the excavator. Additionally, the hydraulically adjustable front hood with 12 V diverter valve and the integrated bracket on the machine body make milling work very easy. It comes equipped with a belt transmission and various easily replaceable components.



Flow rate L/minute (min / max)

Pressure bar (min / max)Escavator weight t.(min / max)

Rotor diameter (mm / in)

Total width(mm / in)Weight (kg / lb)Teeth qty/type(L1+L2)
SCL/HY50 - 100180 - 3504 - 7,5570/22600/24460/101415+15

The weight refers to the machine without options.